Pediatric Dentistry

Is it critically important for children to receive high quality dental treatment. It is also important to learn to care for their teeth for a lifetime. We pride ourselves in helping our younger patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health. 

Why is pediatric dentistry important? 

Pediatric dentistry is important in order to develop a lifetime of excellent oral health. Young people need to maintain their teeth the same as adults to prevent oral health complications. Since many habits are developed at an early age, teaching and promoting oral health is important.

We feature a top-notch pediatric dentistry program to help children and parents understand that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of the cure. Children and teenagers that make regular dental visits during their younger years are much more likely to maintain strong and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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What are common issues of dental health in children?

Many pediatric dental problems are the same ones that affect adults. These problems include tooth decay, gum disease, dental anxiety, and crooked teeth. Due to a child’s developing teeth and jaws, untreated dental problems can cause poor and misaligned tooth development and eruption. Behavioral issues such as poor hygiene, thumb-sucking, retained baby teeth, and grinding can lead to problems with the permanent teeth. Correcting and preventing these problems will change your child’s life for the better.