• Teeth whitening is a cost-effective, easy way to boost your confidence and enhance the appearance of your teeth.
  • How long the results last for and the shade of your teeth depends on the method you use to perform the teeth whitening and how you care for your teeth.
  • At home treatments are more affordable, but the results tend to be less effective than professional treatments.
  • Read on to discover the best teeth whitening option for you.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Whitening your teeth at home is the easiest method This eliminates the need to schedule an appointment and physically go see your dentist. There are a few at home options available:

  • Specialized Toothpastes for Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Whitening Strips
  • Teeth Whitening Lights

Whitening toothpastes lighten the appearance of your tooth by removing basic surface stains, such as coffee stains. However be wary as this can wear away the enamel of your teeth at the gum line. Strips are able to go beyond the enamel layer, or the outermost layer of the tooth, by using an ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. This is different from the hydrogen peroxide rinses. This extra level of cares makes teeth whitening strips one of the best at home teeth whitening options.

Another option is to purchase a light device, such as an LED teeth whitening light. This speeds up the teeth whitening process by working with a whitening gel that contains whitening material. However, the only FDA-approved teeth whitening lights are dental curing lights. These types of lights are only available at a professional dentist’s office. 

While at home whitening works for some people, it does not work for everyone. Due to the difficulty of administration, at home treatments are not considered the best way to whiten teeth. The material often does not stay on the teeth long enough, which leads to unpredictable results that tend to last for just a few months. Additionally the material can cause superficial damage to the gums. So what is the best way to whiten teeth?

Professional Teeth Whitening

While professional teeth whitening is a bigger investment than at home treatments, it also comes with a bigger pay-off. When done properly, the effects can last for two to three years. Here’s what you can expect with an in-office teeth whitening:

  1. The dentist will take note of the shade of your teeth.
  2. They will place a barrier so only the teeth are covered in the whitening material.
  3. The teeth are coated with a whitening solution that has a bleaching agent (such as hydrogen peroxide).
  4. A curing light might be used to activate the peroxide.

The whitening process can take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the desired shade of whiteness. After this is completed, the teeth are thoroughly rinsed. Typically, patients are advised to avoid foods that cause teeth coloration, such as coffee or red wine, for at least 24 hours.

One of the best combinations with the best results is to pre-treat the teeth with at home custom trays a couple weeks before in office whitening. This will yield the best results quickly. Additionally you get to keep the trays to touch up every year or so to keep your bright smile for years to come. If you are looking for the best results, look for a dental office with these together, such as Life Bloom Dental. 


Because professional teeth whitening uses higher quality and quantities of peroxides for better and longer-lasting effects, it also costs more. The average cost for in-office teeth whitening is $650, as opposed to less than $100 for at home treatments.

If you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, speak to your dentist to learn about the best option for you.