COVID-19 Protocols

We promise a clean and safe environment

At Life Bloom Dental, our priority has always been to promote the health of our patients and employees. So, during these challenging times, we continue to stand by that principle.

As a professional health provider, we strive to create a safe, positive, and fun environment for our patients and staff. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are enhancing our cleaning and safety protocols that exceeds all requirements for dental offices.

We want you to feel confident about visiting your dental home. We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitization procedures, implemented new safety protocols, and all staff take additional safety precautions for all of our patients. These safety precautions include pre-appointment procedures, as well as other safety precautions during the appointment. Below is a full list of long standing precautions, as well as newly implemented procedures.

Safety Protocols

  • Sterilizing all instruments
  • During procedures we wear the following equipment:
    • gloves
    • n-95 or equivalent masks
    • eye protection
    • gowns
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing
  • Hourly cleaning of all areas of the office
  • Medical grade sanitizing of each operatory after every appointment
  • Nightly cleaning of the office¬†
  • Nightly sanitization of the air in the office
  • Pre-appointment temperature check of all patients and daily staff
  • Hand sanitizer and face covering availability for all patients
  • Pre-procedural rinse to reduce the bacterial and viral load
  • Installation of multiple ultra HEPA air purification systems that ensure the air is clean and pathogen free
  • Oxygen treatment of water lines to kill all bacteria and viruses during all dental treatment

COVID-19 is not something we take lightly. Rest assured we are doing everything to instill confidence when visiting us. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us via email at or call us at (503) 646-4600.

Thank you for placing your trust in Life Bloom Dental. As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, your health and safety will continue to be our primary concern.